Original artwork is available through the artist directly via email.

Trained as a Commercial Artist, I’ve spent a great deal of time teaching myself to paint in a style that feels comfortable to me. The subjects that I choose to paint are usually connected to nature in one way or another. I have begun exploring painting figures in oil paints and am very excited with this direction. This is bringing on a new set of challenges, and teaching me once again, how little patience I truly have.

Choices of subject matter and reasons for painting are not to impart any deep philosophical meaning to viewers. I simply paint because I have to. And I paint what I like.

Those that know me well say that the above statement is a bunch of BS. That they can see me and my personality, or pieces of it in all the work I do. This is probably true of all artists that end up putting a little of themselves into their work….the expression giving “heart and soul” comes to mind.